What is a web hosting


When you purchase Web hosting service you’re essentially buying yourself space to store your website’s files. These files can then be accessed by a web browser, in order for your website to be live on the internet.

Web hosting can be purchase from various service providers who have the required technology to properly store your site’s files. By signing up for a hosting service you’re essentially renting space on a server that is own and manage by web hosting company.

Since most of the people or maybe businesses don’t have servers of their own, they hire out server space from a third-party web hosting company.

A server may be a physical computer that runs 24/7, so your site’s files can always be accessed without any interruption. These servers are loaded with the necessary hardware and software that your website needs to function.

It is the responsibility of Your web hosting company to maintain the things like server maintenance, security, and running the proper software, therefore the files on the server are often readily accessed by an internet browser.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Your website is just a collection of different files. When you create a website you need a place to store all of these files. That place is your hosting company’s server.
On this server, you’ll store your website’s media, files, databases, and anything required to properly render your website. Exactly what proportion storage you’ve got will depend upon the hosting plan you select.

If you’re just getting started online, then you’ll probably just be renting a portion of a server that you’re sharing with other websites. As your storage and traffic needs increase, then you may need to scale up to renting an entire physical server—or at least using the resources of one, with a cloud or VPS server.

When you check in for an internet hosting package you’ll usually get access to the server via an answer like cPanel. This makes it easy to upload your files to the server. Or, you’ll install a CMS like WordPress to simply build out your site.

In order to have a fully functioning website, you’ll also need to register a domain name. Once you buy this you’ll point it towards your server, which lets the online browser know that this is often where your files are located.
Then, when a person types in your domain name or clicks on a link to your site, the web browser gets the files from the server and displays them for the viewer. All of this should happen in a few seconds or less. If this process takes too long, then you either got to speed up your website or consider switching hosting company.

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